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Who Says We Have To Let It Go?

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I’m waiting until they start making romance movies about douchebags falling in love with nerdy girls and having to give up their swag for love


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Albus Severus Potter. lolololololol

massive scorose fic rec


✎ : he doesn’t seem like a malfoy by kitkat-pyrophobia

He followed the bobbing red ponytail to, predictably enough, the library. A look Rose at Scorpius’s seven years at Hogwarts.

✎ : pride, paramours and ancient runes by crookshanks.x

Rose has a crush, but things never tend to work out the way Rose wants them to. Maybe that’s for the best, because sometimes life knows best.

✎ : lycanthropy by kitkat-pyrophobia

What is fortune? Is it health, easily tainted with the bite of a halfbreed? Or can it be the normalcy of everyday life, so suddenly chipping away? For Scorpius Malfoy, misfortune is in charge, and is handing him a certain Rose to only make things harder.

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i blame this


‘I suppose we could stay here for a bit longer,’ she mumbled, tangling her fingers into his hair.

Teddy rubbed his nose against her collarbone and tugged her closer. Despite it being three o’clock in the afternoon, the room was dim with only a small…


James & Lily Modern AU - James Potter is a popular Youtube vlogger and Lily, his long term girlfriend, decides to make one of her own.

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On the other hand, if Voldie killed Harry, then HE would live forever - his goal.

holy shit.